3 Ways you can save your money

 1.      Stay healthy

For many, being healthy and staying fit is easier said than done. However, the sacrifice and pain that comes with staying healthy is definitely worth the risk you're taking if you live an unhealthy lifestyle. Think about trips to the hospital, medication, and other professional fees that you'll be shelling out if you do not take care of yourself. Those who are fit and healthy rarely get sick, but also feel better overall with the added energy that fitness brings.

 2.      Think in three's

This applies to the cost of phone, cable and internet service. Many providers nowadays offer bundled promos if you get all three from their company - potentially saving you money on a monthly basis that you can save instead.

3.      Try prepaid

Prepaid cell phones can be beneficial for those who don't use a lot of their consumable calls and texts. There are instances that you may not use up all of your credit, which at the end of the month just goes to waste because they are non-transferrable to the following month. Prepaid phones rid you of long term contracts that hold you to your plan, and you can only pay for your projected usage.

4.      Shop online

Many online retailers offer special discounts to their shoppers - not only that, they usually hold sales more frequently, and provide free services such as shipping and gift wrapping. Apart from that, many stores have coupons and promo codes that you can use to get additional discounts from their websites.