Alterego Loans is here to deliver the best services to customers who are looking for financial reprieve in this time of recession.We hear your concerns, and know that you are worried about your credit history playing a factor when the time comes that you need to loan money. Thus, we offer the most gracious assistance that you deserve to help you in obtaining the money for handling your finances. Alterego Loans wishes nothing but to uplift and empower customers with the many available loans online that suit your needs.

Who We Are

Alterego Loans intends to help you in taking care of your needs. We get that sometimes, unexpected events happen and that they get us farther from our original plans. We get that sometimes,we all need a form of financial assistance so we can draw closer again. Alterego Loans knows the urgency of your situation and so, give you a way to lessen the questions about the loan you are planning to get.

With the economic recession we are currently experiencing, it really is a challenge to maintain our lifestyle and even our obligations without financial assistance. Now that unemployment rates and mass layoffs are in the news more frequently compared to before, as well as the ever-rising prices of commodities, sometimes a loan helps with the problems of today so we can plan better for tomorrow. Furthermore, we believe that your past should not hinder you from making these decisions. That is why we aim to show bad credit loans that cater to your needs.

The topic of loans scares many of us because of ideas that are difficult to understand, numbers that do not make sense, and procedures that end up eating time that we could have spent making a living. Thus, we have launched our very own loan comparison tools so you can easily see and understand the loan itself, as well as the many different companies that can lend you the money.

Previously, traditional loans were only assured to those who are already wealthy and well-connected. The lack of collaterals or properties to pay the loan back almost always guarantees a rejection for those who earn less than these rich people. And in those rare times that borrowers hear a 'yes', it only launches a long and painful process of waiting, filling up forms, going to different offices, and meeting with the bank officials, all of which  take months to complete. As a result, the internet is opening new windows for borrowers. Loans are now available online. What's better is that they look past the credit history and lend the money because it is needed, not only because they can pay it back. Furthermore, these services provide more accessibility and convenience for all applicants regardless of connections or history. Best of all, they eliminate the complicated policies and lengthy procedures that would have delayed the loan application.

The trustworthy lending companies we have partnered with offer easy, flexible and short term loans that don't come with the hardships that regular loans require. Furthermore, applications can now be done while you are at home - or practically anywhere with a network connection.With these online loans, you can say goodbye to thick binders, to sore hands with filling out copies of forms,to being all around the city in one day to complete the requirements, and no more people telling you that you can't have the money you need to survive.

Alterego Loans aims to take away the confusion that comes with traditional loan applications. We want you to be well informed in every step that you are taking. And since we recognize that there indeed is no gold standard when it comes to the topic of loans, we have customized our services in a way that you can benefit most out of it.

With the partnerships we have fostered with several online bad credit lenders, you can be assured that there is at least one program that fits your needs. We urge you to take these into consideration and carefully evaluate which fit your needs, as these relate to your own finances. Always go for companies that have proven track records and customer reviews, to ensure you enlist the services without hidden and surprise fees, and without fine prints that hurt more in the long run.

Once you have made your decision, we here at Alterego Loans are ready to serve you.